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Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast is all the rage these days. All the kids are doing it!

A podcast can be a great way to get your name out in front of an audience and worthy of consideration for your social media strategy. By designing a show that is exclusively for a particular interest, you create the conditions for building brand awareness among a highly targeted audience.

It’s not just a podcast itself that helps you to build brand awareness, but all of the activities that are required to have a successful podcast. This includes all of the promotion and planning that goes into the podcast. It includes the outreach to guests for the show, or the interactions you might have researching a particular topic. The research you do prior to launch will help you better understand who your audience is as well as give you a good reason to reach out to your target audience after you launch. Additionally, each guest that you bring onto the show now has a good reason to share their episode, thereby increasing your potential reach.

The average podcast lasts 7-10 episodes before people give up. While there are examples of hit shows with a limited number of episodes, it is generally whether you stick with the show over the long term that separates the real winners from losers.

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