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The Superhero Code

Superheroes uphold certain values in service of a vision for a world that is safe, kind, and fair. In pursuit of this vision, we commit to these principles.


I will use have the power or privilege I currently have to make a difference. It is my responsibility to do it.


I will use my resources to create safe emotional and physical spaces for others. I will take accountability and find a rectifying action if harm is caused by myself or others.


I am willing to put other peoples’ needs over my self-interest for the greater good of the community or the mission I’m in service of, with boundaries for meeting my own needs in healthy and productive ways.


Even when I’m scared or am out of my comfort zone, I will not avoid challenges, I will confront issues.


Sometimes, I will face unexpected challenges and difficulties. I will find ways to move through these experiences and note the lessons from these moments. I will always get back up and persevere.


I will always try to understand other points of view, even if I do not agree with them, and I will challenge views that are biased or harmful to the humanity and rights of myself or others.


I will always see the humanity in others and care about their well-being.


My greatest source of strength comes from allowing myself to connect with those I trust by sharing my life experiences, successes, failures, feelings, and inner thoughts.


Honesty is the basis of trust, and in order to help others, I must first establish trust. I will not lie, I will speak only what I know to be true.


In order create real change, especially in service of these other commitments, I must take action to move beyond words and ideas.