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Share Links to Gated Content.

This is one of the more well-established lead generation tactics in digital marketing and should be strongly considered in your social media strategy. This tactic includes the use of content which can only be acquired in exchange for an email address (or other contact information). The basic components of this tactic require only a few elements.

  • The first is that you have a really good piece of content that your audience will want so badly, that they will readily exchange their email address in exchange for access.
  • The second thing that you need is a method in which to capture that email address and provide access to the piece of content.
  • The final component of this tactic is the method of driving traffic to that conversion point.

This is where social ads are exceptionally helpful. However organic social media content and postings can be effective as well, though less predictable.

Once you have all of those pieces set up, the next thing to do is run your social media advertisements to the proper audience in an attempt to drive traffic to the website where they will hopefully convert. As always A/B testing is encouraged regarding your headline, ad Copywriting, and imagery.

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