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Run Lead Form Ads

Want to generate leads? Maybe you should consider lead generation ads for your social media strategy. Lead form ads are not available on every social media advertising platform. However on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn these ad units are available.

These forms can be used for two different methods of lead capture. The first method of lead capture is to go directly towards asking for contact information to discuss a sales opportunity. In this case you ask for name contact information etc. Submission of this form should trigger your standard sales process.

The second method of using these lead forms, is to plug them into either your CRM or email marketing software. In this way they can be used to either trigger a sales email sequence, or in a similar way as using a lead form on your website, can be used to provide valuable content in exchange for an email address.

Make sure to check whether the social media site’s lead form ads integrate with your email marketing software or CRM.

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