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Partner with Celebrity Influencers

Partnering with celebrities is a different animal entirely from other influencer marketing. Celebrities are generally used to being paid large sums of money for their influence. Celebrities in this case would be defined as people who is audiences expand well be on a particular niche and who are known by large groups of people from varying backgrounds and interests. In most cases celebrity influencer marketing is pay for play. In some very rare cases a celebrity may be so interested in your product or service that they are willing to talk about your product for free.

With celebrity influencer marketing you are in a sense making a small trade a reach for trust. Most people can see that celebrities endorse products because they are paid to, this means that their recommendation is slightly less trusted as it is understood they are being compensated for their opinion.

However because of celebrities substantial reach in many cases the investment may still be worth it. Celebrity influencers can use their influential power to persuade their audience of your product’s value with reviews, testimonials, and special offers.

Be ready to engage people who comment on the post of the influencer to capitalize on the attention this individual or channel creates.

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