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Host a Webinar or Live Video

Live video was all the rage for a short period of time. It still has plenty of applications though. Using Periscope for Twitter, Facebook live or Instagram live, you can create live video and answer questions from the audience in real time. On Facebook and periscope you can then save those live videos permanently to your page. Those videos can then be amplified using advertising. Besides live video you can go the traditional route of running a webinar. Webinars are a great way of exposing new audiences to information, tactics, and strategies from your thought leaders.

Webinars and live videos are a great way to showcase your expertise. The difference between using a live video or webinar for brand awareness versus lead generation  versus any other purpose, comes down to the call to action. Those calls to action will make sense in certain types of videos better than others.

For instance a webinar you might use for brand awareness would be very, very high level on a particular topic. It’s your 101 version of the lecture.

The webinar you do for lead generation will likely need to include more information, deeper insights, and a greater showcase of expertise. Additionally the generation webinar or live video, there should be some form of an offer or next step.

The webinar you do to sell a product or service will likely be targeted to those who have already interested with your business. It need to include information and insights that the viewer needs in order to make a decision. Therefore, the sales webinar or live video should include some form of strong call to action or promotional offer.

Finally, webinars can also be used for Customer Service. When your business develops a new product or service, or creates a new feature, a webinar is a great way to educate existing customers and give them the opportunity to provide feedback.

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