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Host a Meetup or Event

Hosting a meetup or event is a great way to meet new people and create a community. IF you play your cards right, you can then migrate this community into a place where you can remarket to them. This requires that you find a way to either capture their email address or direct them to a page with a remarketing pixel.

Once you have access to their contact information or have brought them to a page with a remarketing pixel you can then target them in advertising campaigns on social platforms.

One suggestion is to use the Discussions tab to engage the Meetup members. This can help to provide guidance about what is most important to the members, and create an opportunity to guide the members to join a FB group, visit a webpage, or join an email list.

At the Meetup,you have the opportunity to talk to people one-on-one, ask questions, and even offer your members to chance even sample your products or services. Those who attend the event can be offered exclusive promotions towards a future purchase or free/discounted add-ons. These personal engagements and extra value offers are what can turn potential customers into lasting, loyal customers.

Finally, don’t forget that these Meetups are a prime opportunity to capture content. Use this opportunity to capture video or audio, share slides, or put together a blog post. All of the content that comes out of the Meetup can be used to promote future Meetups, or market your business.

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