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Guest Blogging

When trying to build brand awareness, it’s important to get out in front of new audiences whenever possible. Guest blogging is an extension of traditional PR and also an excellent link building tactic. Writing for publications that reach your target audience gives you the ability to get out in front of audiences and showcase your thought leadership.

One of the fastest ways to find guest blogging opportunities, is to make a list of all of the publications you would be interested in writing for, and then find the contact information for all of the managing editor’s or particular topic editors. Then begin your outreach. Ensure that you are not simply using a template and blasting generic pitches. Do the hard work of figuring out how you fit.

One resource I suggest is learning from Geeta Nadkarni

Another option would be to go to Google and type in the keywords that are relevant to your business and audience, followed by the word “write for us” or “become a contributor.” This is frowned upon from a Link Building perspective, but if you’re trying to get your name out there, it can’t hurt.

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