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Create Templates for Various Responses

When your entire team is ready, your business is in a better position to win in every area including marketing, sales and customer service. It’s important to remember that anyone on your team could have to handle a customer service issue an at given time – even if they are not in a customer service role. At the same time, every employee has the opportunity to generate leads, or build awareness. Everyone needs to be on the same page regarding brand voice, tone, and messaging. This will create consistency across all employees and communication channels and will help to reduce or eliminate any confusion or frustration on the customer’s end.

Everyone should be prepared to deal with issues or any questions that may arise unexpectedly. This is why you should create a list of responses to any and all types of customer service issues, standardize what information is sent to new leads, and provide uniform language to describe the brand.

These templates should be written out and available to everyone on your team. All issues, whether big or small, should be included and have well thought out responses that will elicit a satisfied customer.

Once these templates are put in place, it’s important to give your team the flexibility it needs to make changes on the fly in service of owning that customer interaction.

Some tools that can be helpful for creating these consistent templates are TextExpander (cross platform) and Cheatsheet. As an aside, I absolutely LOVE TextExpander.

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