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Create a Robust Blog Post or Piece of Content and Amplify with Ads

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that there are 5 options in a typical social media strategy. This is one of them. People want to read, share, and bookmark interesting content. It’s one of the reasons we all use social media in the first place, to discover something that is entertaining and informative. When you create a robust blog post, whitepaper, report, or infographic full of valuable information, people will be more likely to click on it in the first place, and definitely more like to share it.

If you want to generate traffic, you can be sure that if you use ads, someone will visit your website. But when you create a piece of content that solves one of your customers specific problems, you create an opportunity to bring the right traffic at a fairly low cost if your ad is targeted properly.

Content ads outperform straightforward advertising every time. Figure out the questions that your customers have, or the pain points that they experience, and create a piece of content that helps to solve that problem.

You better believe that I am advertising this post, because if I’m going to put this much time and energy into a post the answers as many questions as this post hopes to answer, I believe it’ll perform better than if I just said “hey, I know a lot about social media, hire me.”

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