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Comment on Blog Posts

Commenting on people’s blog post may seem like an old-school social meida strategy circa 2010, but nowadays, more than ever, bloggers appreciate it.

As our attention moves from blogs and independent websites to social networks, the comment section of many blogs remains empty. However that’s not to say that people don’t still look through the comments for additional context information and opinions related to the content of a blog post. Using blog post comments effectively to drive traffic to your website can feel like a tight-rope but it’s actually quite straightforward.

On the one hand you want to say something value and relevance in the comment of the blog post, but on the other hand you want to drive traffic to your site. That just means that in order to do this properly you need to actually provide a comment that is unique, interesting, valuable, relevant, while also being ready with a link to a piece of relevant and valuable content that builds on the conversation.

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