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Working in Public: August 2023

“Hey Jeff, what’s new?”

Oh, nothing much. Same old, same old.

Do you ever do that, or is it just me? People ask “how you are” or “what’s new in your world” and you skate right past it into “just another day in paradise.”

Not today!

I do a lot behind-the-scenes and often don’t talk about my projects until they are published. This is odd since I’ve long been an advocate for documenting your process and sharing your work along the way.

So, today, I’m going to follow my own advice and share what I’ve been working on. Nearly all of these are works in progress and not ready for prime time, so please take these with a grain of salt and be kind.

Here are 10 things I’m working on right now outside of the work I do with my clients. My clients always take precedence over the following. These are the projects I work on late at night when the emails stop coming in and my mind is free to focus on passion projects.

1. A Website that’ll knock your socks off

Websites are never “done.” There’s always something to add, update, refresh, or retire.

My current website hasn’t done a good job of showcasing my work as a speaker and workshop trainer. It’s hard to navigate and especially not good at surfacing the “best of” content. The new site addresses many of these shortcomings with a much improved design.

2. A Game-Changing Podcast Network:

I’ve mentioned it here and there but it’s just about ready for launch. I’m in discussions with the guys over at TurnKey Podcasts to be my partners for the network.

There are a few details that need to get ironed out and there’s still a bunch of pages on the site with placeholder copy. is a podcast network built for podcasters BY podcasters. It’s first and foremost a network that supports podcasters with help clarifying their message, growing their audience, monetizing their shows, and streamlining their production. The benefit for non-podcasters is the creation of a collection of podcasts with shareable content.

Podcasters win and listeners win!

Could we be the next Gimlet? The next Wondery? Who knows? Only time will tell.

Sign-ups for podcasters start soon.

3. Something you gotta tell someone about: Shareable Season 6

The last episode of my podcast Shareable was on February 4th. I’d been on hiatus since then.

I put the show on hiatus for two reasons.

  1. I had taken on too many projects (see: this post — the one you’re reading)
  2. I wanted to change things up a bit so the show didn’t get stale.

As of last week, Shareable relaunched for season 6 with a new format, now hosted on (see above), and with a production process that is hopefully going to be more scalable and sustainable. If you haven’t yet listened to Shareable or {gasp} not yet subscribed, now is a great time to do so. Check it out.

4. Ever want to be a Superhero? Check out The Superhero Institute

The Superhero Institute is a coaching certification training. Completion of the training curriculum entitles coaches to promote themselves as authorized, certified superheroes. They’re also given a listing in our directory of superhero coaches (the Superhero Universe).

Up until recently however, most of this was just an idea. I’ve been working in the background to build the site required to put this idea into motion.

Again, if you’re brave, here’s the staging site.

The curriculum is completely developed but not yet recorded and made available as an online training program — that comes next. I’m also looking to talk to 25-30 coaches who can help me understand what would make this program even more valuable. If that’s you, please go here so we can setup a time:

5. It’s time we talk about Brains @ Work

  • I have ADHD.
  • My business partner for Super Productive, does not.
  • Together, we are capable of doing incredible things.

We are just about done building a tag-team keynote presentation and workshop series to help organizations see the power of neurodiversity at work. We’re calling it Brains @ Work. Here’s the pitch:

Brains @ Work is an exploration of the simple mindset shift that helps neurotypical and neurodiverse people to coordinate, communicate, and support one another so everyone can bring their full selves to work, and contribute their zone of genius.

You can download the one-pager for it here.

6. Calling my ADHD people! Introducing: Hyperfocus

As someone with ADHD, people are often surprised to find out that I am very organized and get a lot accomplished.

This is unusual for many folx with ADHD. This was not something that happened overnight. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life trying to figure out how to work with the features and bugs of ADHD to build systems that help me accomplish important things.

I am on the verge of releasing an online product, specifically designed for people with ADHD, but still useful for those without. It is a COMPLETE productivity system including: email, calendar, tasks, notes and knowledge management, and files. The system can also be applied to any other system you use including mind-mapping, passwords, web bookmarks, etc.

The system is completely designed and just needs to be recorded. It will include recommendations for the SPECIFIC tools to use but the principles can be applied to your preferred email, calendar or task manager. I’m exited to bring this system to you including my true pride and joy from it: The Super Brain — a complete knowledge management platform and extended memory.

Here’s the current landing page:

7. Make a list. We’re going to: The “Super Market”

The SUPER…MARKET. Get it? This is going to be my market of super useful tools and resources.

Over the last 14 years of running my own business, I’ve developed SO may resources. Mountains of spreadsheets, document templates, email templates, sales pitches, proposal decks, and recently, robust Notion templates and full workspaces. What good are all of these amazing resources if they just sit on my computer waiting for me to use them with the clients I have the time to work with?

So, the Super Market (coming soon) will be hosted on Podia, and will feature ALL of the resources I’ve been developing and continue to develop. No subscriptions; just great stuff at fair prices. See the current product listing here:

8. Reclaim your time with Super Automated

I don’t have enough businesses to work on. So, obviously, I’m going to start another one.

The key is in finding the right partners. Super Automated is a sister company to Super Productive. Partnering with the brilliant Todd Worsham, we’re helping companies automate their business.

So, what does that look like? Here’s just a few examples:

  • We’ve built fully automated sales funnels
  • We’ve built smart and dynamic email marketing automation campaigns that change according to subscriber behavior
  • We’ve got invoicing on auto-pilot
  • We help project managers do less pointing and clicking by building robots to do half the work

If you do something the same way more than 3 times, you should talk to us.

The website is still under construction, we’re still tightening up what’s included in our Automation As A Service (AAAS) package, and we have to finish off our own business automations.

But, stay tuned, we’re coming soon.

9 & 10. Resourceful on a Friday? Relaxed on a Sunday?

I want my newsletter to be the best thing my subscribers get each week. I know that’s a tall order, but it’s what I’m after. So, if you’re reading this via email right now, you already know that I’m adding two new features to the newsletter. For my blog readers and podcast listeners, you might not know yet.

Becoming Superhuman goes out every Monday and Thursday to coincide with the blog. I’m adding a Friday email featuring a free downloadable resource I’ve found, and a Sunday email featuring a post from the Becoming Superhuman archive. These are called Resourceful Fridays and The Sunday Digest respectively.

That’s it for now.

That’s what is new and “in the works.”

And if you’re curious, here is the list of what already kicks ass in my universe.

And, of course, it should go without saying but here’s the priorities:

  1. My Family — unchangeable and non-negotiable. They will always come first.
  2. My Health (Mental, Physical, Emotional) — friends and sleep are included in this category.
  3. Scaling and growing my existing lines of business and serving my clients.
  4. All of these new ideas and ventures.
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