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But…it’s so easy.

Hey, what’s your superpower?

It’s that thing you’re really good at. When you started doing it, things just clicked. It all made sense and it came relatively easy to you.

Do you have it in your mind yet? Good…

Today, I want to remind you that just because you think it’s easy, doesn’t mean it is.

  • The easiest thing to you could be profoundly difficult to someone else.
  • Something ridiculously hard for you can be easy breezy to someone else.

Take a moment to appreciate your gifts

Stop and think about the gifts you have. Don’t underestimate its importance, you could rob yourself of seeing something extraordinary in yourself.

Stop to acknowledge that not everyone can do what you can do. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it comes easy to everyone else, you could rob someone else of the gift of learning it from you.

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