becoming superhuman

This site is not for everyone.

Some will think that exploring superpowers, superhumans, and superheroes is silly, or unserious,

Some regard the search for purpose, mission, vision, and values as “fluffy” or “woo-woo.”

That’s how the world of “professionalism” tends to regard anything that can’t be directly monetized or quantified.

It’s why “real business people” dismiss challenges to the status quo as unrealistic, naive, or childish.

Who Becoming Superhuman is for

Becoming Superhuman is for those who yearn to do something extraordinary with their lives.

Amidst the backdrop of countless people, mindlessly going through the motions, this site is for those who want the examined life. One filled with meaning and driving toward impact.

  • This site is a challenge to try on an uncomfortable idea: that you actually have no idea what you’re really capable of.
  • This site consistently dares you to find and live your purpose, identify worthy missions, and use your remarkable gifts in the service of others.

In the absence of this conscious work, you inevitably leave the meaning of your life to chance, or someone else’s priorities.

If you’re anything like me, that is unacceptable.

What to expect

Becoming Superhuman is about grounded, practical, material change. Essays are written to demystify what it takes to develop your unique abilities (super powers) and become superhuman. Problems are highlighted to illustrate the kinds of challenges we can only overcome together.

There’s no pseudoscience here. You needn’t rely on anything supernatural or convince yourself of self-fulfilling law-of-attraction.

What you will find are concrete actions you can take and thought provoking ideas you can explore to achieve purpose-driven growth.

This is my contribution, an organized, but unordered, collection of frameworks and recipes for unleashing your potential at work and in life.

This isn’t a shortcut, it’s a process.

Read the articles then reflect. Think about the ideas and decide if they apply to your goals.

Most importantly, don’t sit this one out. We need a world with more superheroes in it. We need you.


the superhuman

The ideas presented here are largely steeped in the Superhuman Framework.

This framework is a collection of four meta-abilities. Developing these four abilities is the path to mastery of other abilities.

  • Learning
  • Thinking
  • Communication
  • Action


the superhero

Superheroes uphold certain values in service of a vision for a world that is safe, kind, and fair.

In pursuit of this vision, we commit to these principles.

1. Responsibility

I will use have the power or privilege I currently have to make a difference. It is my responsibility to do it.

2. Protection

I will use my resources to create safe emotional and physical spaces for others. I will take accountability and find a rectifying action if harm is caused by myself or others.

3. Self-Sacrifice

I am willing to put other peoples’ needs over my self-interest for the greater good of the community or the mission I’m in service of, with boundaries for meeting my own needs in healthy and productive ways.

4. Courage

Even when I’m scared or am out of my comfort zone, I will not avoid challenges, I will confront issues.

5. Resilience

Sometimes, I will face unexpected challenges and difficulties. I will find ways to move through these experiences and note the lessons from these moments. I will always get back up and persevere.

6. Empathy

I will always try to understand other points of view, even if I do not agree with them, and I will challenge views that are biased or harmful to the humanity and rights of myself or others.

7. Compassion

I will always see the humanity in others and care about their well-being.

8. Vulnerability

My greatest source of strength comes from allowing myself to connect with those I trust by sharing my life experiences, successes, failures, feelings, and inner thoughts.

9. Honesty

Honesty is the basis of trust, and in order to help others, I must first establish trust. I will not lie, I will speak only what I know to be true.

10. Action

In order create real change, especially in service of these other commitments, I must take action to move beyond words and ideas.