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Classic Cuts: The Blog Mixtape – Volume 2

As a follow up to Classic Cuts: The Blog Mixtape – Volume 1, I’ve assembled a follow-up mixtape of more classic cuts from my blog. These posts are all from 2020 and if you missed them the first time around, don’t miss it this time around. Feel free to check out these tracks in any order you like. See the brief description of each track beneath the title.


If you’re worried about engagement on your social media, read this. If you’re trying to build your brand, read this.

Brandemic: The Plague of Vague

A response to jargon, propaganda, and the status quo.

How to write incredible emails

The framework I use for writing incredible emails, inspired by the lessons that I learned in my photography classes almost 20 years ago.

All Business is Personal

A call to retire the phrase: “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business”

A Critical Examination of Bullshit

A post about truth and game theory.

Culture and Ping Pong

Ping Pong tables aren’t culture. So, what is culture?

Everyone Already Knows

Imposter syndrome, arrogance, and sharing your gifts.

Business as a Second Language

If you’ve been struggling in business, my suggestion is that you brush up on the language.

Time Travel Pen Pals

I found a time portal and got to speak with earlier versions of myself. It was enlightening.

Normal Distributions and The Power Of 1σ

A post about self improvement and exploring expectations versus reality.

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