For your reading pleasure today, I’ve assembled a mixtape of classic cuts from my blog (2013 – 2020). You can check out these tracks in any order you like. See the brief description of each track beneath the title.

Do you even have a head? (2019)

Have you ever wondered why you can coach others and strategize on the spot but draw a blank when it comes to your own work?

Leadership Lessons From A Chef (2015)

Great chefs understand something very important that we can all learn from.

Advice For Leading Upward (2019)

Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a practice. Learn how to lead from anywhere on the org chart.

The Attention Paradox (2018)

You need attention to mobilize people and change the world…how will you get it?

Here’s what you think you want (2013)

It worked! You went viral and you’re gaining followers. This is what you wanted, right?

Sing alongs and habits in the age of the trite (2018)

In search of originality when you sound like someone else

Brutal Honesty (2014)

The path to acceptance begins with being honest with one another. I’ll go first with something small.

The Most Effective Social Media Strategy & Tactic (2018)

You’ve read articles, listened to podcasts, and studied the craft…but the answer is right in front of you.

Work Culture (2020)

Exploring work culture…and our culture of work.

Competition (2019)

There are substantial differences between healthy and unhealthy competition…trust me.

In Search Of 1,000 True Fans (2018)

Have you ever published a post and gotten no response? Have you put your heart into a project just to watch it fail? I have too, and I have some observations about why it happens.

Which one resonated?

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