Without the aid of the mirror, you would have no way of knowing if you actually have a head.

Sure, we see other people who have heads and that data point helps us understand that we likely have a head…but we can’t see it.

Presumably, we could use our hands and feel our head, that would also be evidence…but we still can’t see it.

Similarly, we often can’t see a way to fix our own problems. We can’t see a way to take our own advice. We can’t figure out how to market ourselves or our own brands. It’s as if we are too close to see it.

So, while it is often quite easy to look at problems, from the outside perspective, and find solutions, from the inside, we may be able to feel it…but we still can’t see it.

The way I see it, you only have 1 real solution: turn to something or someone objective and exterior. Find someone to be your mirror who can see your issues more clearly and design a solution.

We’re inclined to forget this lesson over and over. So, if you find yourself unsuccessfully toiling about trying to solve your own problem, look at someone else’s head, and remember to call in an outside perspective.

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