Today, I want to give you permission to consider that maybe, you might just work differently.

How long should it take to write a book?

Before finishing my book, I remember speaking with various authors, all of whom were willing to share their writing process. What I found was that most of the authors I spoke to adhered to some form of disciplined writing schedule.

Some wrote for a period of time each day or every other day, where others had a specific word count they had to hit each day or week. This was commonly accepted, and some authors even spoke with the implied authority that it is the only way.

I did something completely different. I wrote my entire book, The Lovable Leader (due to be released in mid-January 2022), over the course of just 23 days. Those 23 days were spread out over the course of 3 years…but still, it was only 23 days.

I work in short concentrated bouts of extreme productivity. My most productive work is a blitz.

How long should ____ take?

I opened with the question, how long should it take to write a book? In my case, roughly 23 days plus editing…over the course of 3 years.

But, how long should it take to build a business?

In May 2020, I took the step to become an Asana Certified Pro after my friend and colleague Sarah Ohanesian had just completed the program. Almost exactly one year later, Sarah and I took the step to join forces and offer our Asana consulting together. We came up with the name Super Productive, which was a combination of my business the Superhero Institute and her business SO Productive.

You may remember that I announced this back in July. What I didn’t talk about in that announcement was how we did it.

The short answer is that it took us about two days to build the business. This estimate includes virtually every piece including:

  • Business name
  • Business structure
  • Business visual brand identity
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Website
  • Lead Magnet PDF
  • Webinar
  • Email automation sequence
  • Service offerings, packages, and pricing
  • Sales discovery
  • Sales process
  • Invoicing, finance and taxes
  • Client onboarding
  • Content calendar and future client resources

So, how’d we do it? I’m glad you asked.

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