Branding is not copyrighting. However, communicating your Brand is much easier if you’re a good copywriter.

Your Brand is your North Star, and it is also your architecture.

Therefore, it is both the purpose and the process.

It is always substance over style.

Copywriting is one tool for expressing the Brand. However, the Brand must precede the copy, else it is just a collection of words with nothing to anchor its meaning to.

  • The words you choose in your copy must be aligned with the Brand.
  • The voice and tone of the copy must reflect the Brand.
  • What you emphasize as important, can only truly shine when rooted in the Brand.

In short, first figure out why you exist, what you care about, and who you do it for, before you start playing with words. If you do it the other way, you’ll probably sound like everybody else because you don’t know what you actually stand for, yet.

There’s no amount of “wordsmithing,” buzzwords, or flashy language that can fill in a Brand that’s empty on the inside.

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