Whether you wish to change the world or accomplish something you would phrase as more tangible and closer to home, you may find yourself fighting a particular battle, over and over.

It is the fight against a crushing sense of hopelessness and apathy.

The dominant strategies to squash resistance movements are always to 1) divide the movement and 2) sow seeds of fear, uncertainty and doubt (”FUD”).

Decades of conditioning from school, work, and the media can leave us feeling like we have no control over anything.

So, how can we win the battle?

You can be reasonably certain that no matter what sort of change or progress you’re trying to make, giving up is rarely the path to get there.

But, it feels so overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Looking at the world through your tiny rectangle, you’ll see…

  • egregious human rights violations
  • an impending climate collapse
  • children covered in rubble

Putting the phone down or disconnecting won’t solve the problem either. You might lose a loved one, have a significant setback in your career, or find yourself against insurmountable medical debt (the inevitable result of America’s broken healthcare system).

The thought of fighting against entrenched systems, changing hearts and minds, or digging out of debt can all feel impossible.

All of these can make a person feel that the effort to get back up is too much.

Take another look at the timeline

One thing I’ve come to understand when I feel hopeless, apathetic, or sad, is that the intensity of these feelings do not last forever.

Rationally, we all understand this. To my knowledge, no one has ever started crying but never stopped.

Eventually, there will be a clearing to see opportunity once more. The hopelessness and apathy will likely return. But, even at my lowest, I have always seen time left on the clock.

If we remain hopeful in the possibility of a brighter future and remember that the future is not set, we can let those feelings pass and get up to fight another day.

There are bigger monsters to fight. Don’t let hopelessness and apathy be the reason to quit on a better tomorrow.

We need you.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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