We can all agree that if placed in a leadership position, we’d rather be effective than ineffective. We’d rather people like us than hate us.

In short, we’d rather be a great leader than a bad boss.

The problem is too many managers still try to gain respect through fear. Too many managers get so caught up in “the work” that they neglect to tend to their people. Too many managers have had no training at all, and are left to follow the bad examples that came before them or react without thinking about the ramifications of their actions.

This is where it falls apart. This is how so many managers become bad bosses instead of great leaders.

It’s not controversial to suggest that a work environment based in fear and that treats us as a number, isn’t one we’d like to be in. With few exceptions, we would prefer to be somewhere where we feel cared about, trust our managers and team members, and have opportunities to do meaningful work.

That’s why if we want to create work environments that are kinder, safer, and more equitable, we need a new path to follow. We need to make sure that every new manager has the training and mindset required to create thriving work cultures and replace the old fear-based model.

We can do this…but it won’t happen overnight. It might take a generation, it might take two, but we can do it. Here’s how…

Coming Soon

In a little less than two months, I will be releasing my book The Lovable Leader.

This book is the culmination of everything I have observed, studied, tried, failed, and succeeded at in my career thus far. The lessons are drawn from personal experience but even more importantly, from the vast bodies of accumulated knowledge on leadership, along with psychology, influence, trust, motivation, branding, and more…

It is a handbook for new managers that puts trust, respect and kindness at the forefront. It is an easy-to-follow instruction manual for those who want to build loyal teams, resolve conflicts effectively, and accomplish great things as a team.

Not only will this book show you how to be more effective, and more well-liked…but it will also show you how to be a great leader with all of the tools to create work environments that are kinder, safer, and more equitable.

The book comes out in January 2022. Join the waitlist to be notified when the book is available for Pre-Order.

If you are a fan of my work and writing on leadership, consider joining my launch team to help the book climbs the Amazon charts and get in front of more people.

Thanks in advance.


Jeff Gibbard

P.S. This is my first book and I poured my entire heart and soul into it. I hope you’ll help me get it in front of more people.

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