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Solutions for Teams: Tools and Accountabilities

Deliberately Imposed Constraint: Write a useful post but keep it under 500 words

Many businesses struggle with recurring accountabilities. This can lead to important work being missed, and opportunities squandered.

Additionally, with the proliferation of online tools many people inside businesses grow confused about what tools are used for what purpose. It’s important that everyone understands the full technology stack being used, what it is being used for, and how they should use it.

To fix these two problems, my suggestion is clear and understandable documentation using an online tool such as Notion, Asana, Monday, or Google Docs.

How to do it

Weekly Accountabilities

For accountabilities, lay out all accountabilities on a kanban board with the columns representing the days of the week. Add any required attributes such as assignee, priority, and status.

Here’s a free template built in Notion you can try: Weekly Accountability Template

The Tools We Use

For the tools, a single page explaining each tool in use, with a brief explanation and a link to access or download can clear up most confusion.

Here’s another free template built in Notion you can try: Tools We Use Template

Create A Living Document

This documentation should be updated as needed. This includes when tools are updated or replaced, and when accountabilities shifted, added, or removed.

This is one method to get the team on track.

Good luck.

216 Words

I could feel my mind fully embracing the challenge and relentlessly trimmed my writing until only the core ideas remained. While this post lacks some of the storytelling and emotion of other posts, it was interesting to see if I could convey something useful very quickly and efficiently.

I think this went well. And btw, these are very useful resources for teams.

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