I make a lot of content and it’s scattered all over the web.

  • I’ve been blogging on becomingsuperhuman.com since around 2008. But, I have also posted on Medium, my agency websites, my online dating consultancy website, and even Tumblr at one point in time.
  • I’ve been podcasting since 2013. I’ve had 6 different podcasts, 3 of which still active.
  • I’ve made videos for Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat. I’ve posted on my own channel, and on my agency channels.

I blog, I podcast, I make videos, and I occasionally post on social media.

This leads me to ask my audience for follows, subscriptions, and comments on platforms all across the web and various apps. It’s messy, and I want to fix it.

The Great Consolidation & Migration

What I’ve really wanted for some time now, is a single destination that would neatly house my various projects, in a way that made it quick and easy to engage with exactly what each person is interested in. Until recently, I hadn’t found a good solution to this problem.

Recently, in my continuing search, I stumbled across ConvertKit.

For those who are unfamiliar, ConvertKit is a email marketing and automation service. It gives me the ability to offer both free and paid subscriptions all-in-one place. And finally, it makes it easy for subscribers to pick and choose what they’d like, all in one platform.

I spent considerable time tinkering with various options and after all the smoke cleared, I decided that I am going to deliver all of my content via ConvertKit.

This greatly reduces the number of websites and channels I need to worry about and gives me a single call-to-action. It also eliminates several services I’ve been paying for.

What’s Next?

Over the next 30-45 days, I’m going to hit pause on any new blog posts, episodes of Shareable, or episodes of Rogue. During that time, I’m going to be setting up my ConvertKit including going through all of the settings, and ensuring that I have my process buttoned up.

After that, new posts will be published and sent via email via ConvertKit. This includes this blog, Shareable, and Rogue. I will also be posing weekly discussion topics that are open to everyone.

There will be two levels of subscription: free and paid. These blog posts will remain free, as will episodes of Shareable and Rogue. What paid members will get are enhanced versions and additional content and premium resources exclusively for paid subscribers.

In some ways, it will be a fresh start, in other ways it will be a continuation but in a single location.

About You

All existing email subscribers will be moved over as free subscribers on ConvertKit.

If you’re not yet a subscriber but would like to be, it’s easy, sign up here:

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