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Movement, Pace, & Preparation

Every year I write a post called my three words.

This year, my three words were: movement, pace, and preparation.

One of the big reasons why I like the three words format is that unlike resolutions, I have no set of idealized goals to beat myself up over abandoning. Instead, I can check in on my themes at any point, assess the progress so far and then recommit for the remainder of the year. It’s aspirational, thematic, and fluid rather than defined and overly idealized.

Today’s post is a check-in.


Movement was meant to remind me of two things:

  1. Literally: to physically move my body more often and stay in shape
  2. Metaphorically: to build an organized group of people taking actions to affect change

While I still spend way too much time in front of this iMac screen, jumping from one Zoom meeting to another, I have also maintained a routine of going to the gym twice per week. Now that the weather is getting nice again, I plan to add in a weekend run.

As for “the movement,” the heavy lifting is about to begin.

The Superhero Institute is in the midst of transforming into its full form. Over the next 2-3 months, I will complete the curriculum and training materials for the Superhero Institute coaching certification program. The program will be designed to train coaches who want to make a difference in the world.

Through learning the Superhuman Framework and committing to the Superhero Code, coaches will learn how to unleash their own full potential, and super charge their clients. Collectively, we will take on work that matters, empower countless people to make more money and live with more freedom, all while making the world safer, kinder, and more equitable. Over time, as the number of Superhero coaches grows, our movement will gain momentum and make our impact on the world.


Pace was my reminder to not take on too much. So how’s that working out?


I knew this would be a bit of a struggle. However, despite a few close calls with total burnout, I’ve done a reasonably good job of establishing boundaries, saying no, and focusing on my priorities.

I’ve kept a consistent pace with my content, including this blog, my podcast Shareable, and the Heroic Council livestream. I have also slowly and steadily setup a handful of new lines of business that I plan to officially launch in the next few months.

I’m relatively happy with how pace is playing out.


As I said in my three words post, things are going well…and that makes me nervous. For that reason, in order for me to embrace the relative calm, I knew I had to prepare for the worst. That means spending and saving intelligently. It means being prepared for any or all projects to suddenly stop without warning.

While everything has gone reasonably according to plan this year, there have been some unexpected twists and turns causing revenue to be uncertain for brief periods of time. Not only did I prepare financially for these possibilities, I also prepared emotionally for it. This is one of the big differences between this year and prior years: my reaction.

brown and white smoke on brown rock formation

In the past, I have ‘catastrophized’ even the slightest bump in the road. I’ve anxiously attacked problems and fallen hard into self preservation mode, even when it was not truly necessary.

This is something many entrepreneurs can relate to: the feeling that the world is caving in around you and only you can keep it together.

I owe much of this year so far to emotional and logistical preparation, and would definitely encourage my fellow entrepreneurs to take the time to focus on their own preparation for the unforeseen.

How about you?

Now is as good of a time as any to check in on your three words—if you do that sort of thing—or your resolutions.

  • How are you keeping up?
  • Are you happy with how the year is shaping up?
  • If you wanted this year to be your best year ever, what might you change in the second half?

I’d love to hear from you about it.

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