Deliberately imposed constraint: Write a post as a single haiku or a series of haikus

What is real success?

Is it hanging on by threads?

Or posting on Threads?

What is shared online

Only one side of the coin

Not the full picture

The people I’ve met

All have one thing in common

The struggle is real

And hidden by fog

Look behind the big curtain

To find the real truth

Smart feeling so dumb

The wealthy, feeling so poor

Full feeling hungry

Look so together

Try to keep up the facades

Need to keep going

All is looking well

But feeling broken inside

Barely together

So much, so little

So often this is the truth

A little of both

Looks can deceive you

You don’t know the whole story

Take that for a fact

All missing something

All perspectives and context

So, what can you do?

Please stop and take note

I do have something for you

Despite being hard

Fight for what is right

Stand up for those who need you

Better, together.

We can choose kindness

We can all stop and take pause

And always choose love

I’ve yet to meet a person who has gotten everything that they want, who is without problems.

We seem to forget that everyone we meet is human. We all deal with our struggles and insecurities. The standard we hold ourselves to is often the unrealistic image we have of others. Instead, we should focus on being gentle and kind to ourselves, since the stories we believe about others are little more than fiction.

I don’t write a lot of Haikus but I wanted to switch things up and try something new.

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