Hey you, out there. I see you.

You’re a budding entrepreneur, trying to grow your business.

You’re working too many hours and doing too much on your own while still not making enough to feel comfortable.

I see you.

You don’t know who to listen to or who to ask for help and you worry that people won’t think you have it all together.

I see you.

You’re afraid to charge what you’re worth, afraid to raise your prices, afraid they’ll run away.

I see you.

You’re scared to productize or package your services, fearful of losing your creative edge. You don’t know what to say no to, so you try too many things that don’t make any money at all. You’re terrified of losing it all, and crawling back out into the world with nothing but the shame of failure.

I see you.

I see you, because you’re just like us. Everyone like us has been through all or most of those stages, and we’ve thought most of those thoughts. I see you and right now, someone sees me, dealing with the new situations I’m in, struggling to overcome the obstacles in my way.

So, when you feel alone in this — and you will feel alone in this — remember that there are people out there who see you…REALLY see you. Every one of us that I’ve ever met who has been through it, is eager to share what they’ve learned, in hopes of helping someone else sidestep the hard times.

If that’s you right now, know this — I see you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. Let’s go do something amazing.

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