Earlier this week, I shared the three steps to change the world.

Building off of that, I’d like to share my specific plan to change the world.

As I shared in how to change the world, togetherness, alignment, and action combine to create the opportunity to change the world. It’s not a guarantee, but it does give you a fighting chance against any resistance.

To serve as a real example of how to put these ideas into practice, I’d like to share how I plan to change the world.


What do I mean by change?

The change I am after is a world that is kinder, safer, and more equitable. This specifically means that at work and outside of work, we treat each other with more compassion and empathy. This leads to both work environments and a society where we are more willing to sacrifice our own comfort in order to take greater care of one another. It means that we spend the time and energy to dismantle any systems of discrimination, oppression, and exploitation in order to create companies, communities, and, ultimately, a world with more fairness and justice. We should seek to use all of our time and talents to create a world where no one needs to fear for their survival from circumstances that are preventable.

What do I mean by world?

All great change starts small, and my plan is no different. I hope to facilitate change in the business community that I have access to, and my hope is that access grows exponentially over time. I see the change I’m after as starting small and local, expanding until it reaches the point of being a significant part of the zietgeist.

What is my timeline?

I am not naive enough to think my loftiest ambitions will be realized in my lifetime, but I certainly hope to see substantial progress.

I want to see the impact of our work reach the level of company or government policy. I want to see the size of our movement get national recognition.

Togetherness + Alignment + Action

I am trying to bring people together who desire to become the best versions of themselves, and who align with the responsibility to our power, privilege, and gifts to make a kinder, safer, and more equitable world. We commit to taking actions and behaving in way that leads with love and kindness.

I’ll elaborate.

Facilitating Togetherness

All of my projects are intended to attract a community of like minded people. My work, content, and interactions with people reinforce the mission and values.

The Superhero Institute is the primary vehicle that I see for bringing people together in common purpose of changing the world, the ways I mentioned above. Those who become Superhero Institute coaches and their clients are all people I intend to bring together.

On the flip side, I join organizations that share my values such as Pathways to Housing PA and Council For Relationships. I join forces with individuals who I trust, and who share similar goals to mine.

I actively seek out individuals and groups that are looking to raise awareness, educate, and help move us toward a better world. Every person I talk to is an opportunity to recruit heroes into the mission.

Creating Alignment

I am very deliberate in every aspect of my work to clearly state the vision, values, and goals of the work. In the Superhero Institute, coaches learn the Superhuman Framework, aligning each of us around the steps for unlocking potential. Coaches also must take the Superhero oath, a series of 10 commitments that every hero must abide by in service of the better world we envision.

In all of my work, when I bring people together, I make sure to let them know what we’re out to accomplish, and how I expect them to participate.

Taking Action

Every Superhero Institute coach, is not only spreading the tools and values of superheroism, but also making sure to apply what they’ve learned in their own pursuit of change. This can take the form of volunteerism, or in how they structure their work. Further, the collective action of a group of superheroes in business is the sort of action that can cause people to think differently about their own work.

Building the Movement

I am on a mission to create unstoppable catalysts for change. I plan to do that through my work and daily interactions with individuals. I focus on three areas of impact.

  1. Encouraging and guiding people and organizations toward discovering and defining their purpose.
  2. Teaching the tools for unlocking human potential. I call it the Superhuman Framework. It is what I will be teaching through the Superhero Institute, a coaching certification program.
  3. Creating and sharing the lovable leadership framework to bring my trust, kindness, and respect into our workplaces with skills that are directly transferable to our homes and communities.


Those who are purpose driven and have unlocked their potential, are prepared.

Those who have unlocked their potential and mastered the lovable leadership framework, are powerful.

Those who are purpose driven and leading with love and heroism are clear.

People who are prepared, powerful and clear, are ready to change the world.

I plan to reach people through speaking engagements, and through my writing. I plan to coach people and consult organizations, encouraging them to stand up and do work that leads to a better world. I plan to train people to become superheroes through the Superhero Institute.

This has been an overview of how I plan to change the world. I hope you’ll join me in working for a kinder, safer and more equitable world.

I’m looking forward to hearing your plan.

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