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Fire Drills

Every so often, I play a game in my mind where I try to make a list of what I would take if I had to leave my home in one hour.

After I do this, I ask myself whether or not it would be realistic for me to find all of these things amidst all of the other items in my home and then I make a list.

I often imagine the scenario where every single one of my clients leaves.

Usually this leads to me mind-mapping and creating a backup plan.

Planning for the worst

Planning for the worst can be a stress-inducing exercise. I’m not suggesting that this is something you should do daily. But, being prepared is generally a good thing and doing these exercises can put things in perspective in a way that complacency could never replicate.

So, the next time you have some free time, or you’re trying to work out a particularly complex problem, imagine the worst.

Run a fire drill.

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