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I, like many of you, attend a lot of meetings. While the majority are now virtual, taking place on Zoom or Teams, I do occasionally have in-person meetings. Regardless of whether we stare at each other, face-to-face or through screens, I’ve come…
Do you struggle to clearly communicate your company’s identity? Sadly, most traditional branding methods fall short. Discover how diving deep beyond profits can unearth your true purpose and revolutionize your brand.
When it comes down to it, your Brand can be looked at from three different perspectives. How closely those three perspectives align with one another is what defines your Brand. Even though, I'm going to be talking about this through the lens…
Have you ever found yourself on a website reading one of the pages, only to look up from it and say to yourself... "what the hell did that even mean?" You're not alone. I can't tell you the amount of copy I've…
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