I love the end of the year.

Everyone is mentally checked out. The offices are half-empty.

I love the quiet.

During this peaceful end of the year, I try to take the last two weeks in December to reflect upon this most recent trip around the sun and spend some time thinking about the upcoming one.

I will typically make a list of my priorities and goals, and write down some strategies for accomplishing them. I’ll write my three words post and reflect on my three words from the current year (both posts coming soon).

One of the more important and practical things that I do each year, is making a list of topics that I would want to write about or otherwise create content about. This is a fun process because it allows me to free-associate different ideas, and just play around a bit.

If you do anything like this I would like to recommend a few resources for you. All of these were generously created by Chris Brogan (also the creator of Three Words).

While these are older resources, they still hold some timeless ideas for you to play around with. I plan on going through these ideas, crossing off any that are outdated, and looking for ways to use some of these post ideas and starters to share some ideas that are important to me. I plan to add them to my editorial calendar so I can get to work.

If you don’t have an editorial calendar already, I suggest you join Notion, and download the content calendar, publishing and promotion schedule template that I created.

Or, you could go one step further and join the Superhero Institute for free and get a lot more than just one template.

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